The world.

What is the world?

How big is it? How long will it last? Where do we fit into it?

For people many thousands, even hundreds, of years ago, the world was very simple – it consisted of their hut, their cave, their village, their hunting territory, their farmed fields …… this and nothing more. They had nothing more to get worried about, nothing more to yearn for, nothing more to struggle to understand.

oral-historyThis probably was not a good thing to many of them – the seekers, the philosophers, the adventurers. It was this group of people who ‘advanced’ the world. They extended knowledge, caused humanity to ‘progress’, and maintained  the evolution of ‘our world’.

Whether any of this ‘evolution’ is a good thing or not is not the subject of this blog. This musing is centred on our immediate world – the world we inhabit, our locale, our family, our friends, our immediate experiences. We can’t all be world changers, entrepreneurs, Nobel Scientists, arms dealers, war mongers, experimental physicists (etc).

Us normal, ordinary people just get on with life. We keep society going, we make everything work, we maintain the standards humanity should have, we just get on with stuff.

Workers-from-all-different-walks-of-life1Our worlds change throughout our lives. We have our child world, our troubled teenage world, our career world full of ambition and stress. We then may have our family world – spouses, sons, daughters, tears, joy, pain, elation, disappointment. Eventually all of our worlds fade to be replaced by different worlds – worlds shaped by our aging, our personal growth, our decisions.

We may move to a different part of the “The World” ……. creating a new world for ourselves. We may experience loss or the (voluntary) ending of relationships, we may be forced by circumstances ( eg retirement) to embrace another new world. We may have a new world thrust upon us through illness.

We don’t always have control of these changes to our worlds, but what we do have is the ability to choose how we respond to them. By choosing to respond positively we can reassert some control of our world, we can make our world what we need it to be at that time.

May-your-choices-reflect-your-hopes-not-your-fears.-Nelson-MandelaOur world consists only of what is around us – despite what google or BBC news says. These and all the other ‘virtual worlds’ around us are mere distractions. We can invite the Kardashians into our world if we wish or we can exclude them from it. We can invite Harry Potter or Adelle into our world or we can exclude them from it. This is the wonder of modern technology – we can do without it! I have mentioned before about my very good friend who has no mobile phone, no e-mail, no computer. He also has no stress. I have other friends who are constantly on their phones checking how many ‘likes’ they have on their latest facebook post.

Once we realise that for us mere mortals our world is only what we have around us, what we see and experience daily, what we can choose to enjoy and embrace  to be happy.Basically it’s the only world we really ever have. Enjoy it, with all its limitations, seek joy in the little bits and the big bits will take care of themselves.


About dallanWA

Born post war Britain 1947, educated in UK, Masters degree in Education from University of Nottingham. Worked as an Educator and Manager UK, USA, Hong Kong. Lived in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, and now in Western Australia
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