Live better? How??

I have just spent a good few hours watching you tube clips about Ikaria – the island where people forget to die. I was led to watch these by reading heavily about this place – and was led to reading heavily about this place following an article in a medical journal. This article featured the strange case of an american guy who was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 9 months to live – confirmed by several doctors. He lived in new York at that time although had been born in Ikaria, and traveled to the USA as an immigrant when a young man. He decided that, rather than simply hang around to die in New York, and leave his wife to pay massive expenses, he would go back to his birthplace, the place of his youth. This he did, and he quickly settled in to the Ikarian way of life, reconnecting with old friends and family members. That was 27 years ago – and this guy’s cancer simply faded away. The story goes that he went back at one point to seek out his doctors in the US and they were all dead.ikaria_1904566i

This now famous story has spawned a myriad of investigations – medical and non-medical – to attempt to uncover Ikaria’s secrets, the latest being the “Blue Zone” investigations. Even if one allows for a degree of poetic licence and romantic implanting, this story is remarkable, and the truth about life on Ikaria – which is now well documented, is clear – people are happier and live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives than the rest of us.

This is why a move to Ikaria remains my number one alternative treatment for my blood cancer. This week is decision week – the docs are going to plan out my chemo and my transplant timetable and I have to either go long with it or say “to hell with this I am going to die with dignity in someplace really nice.”

But what is it that may be the key? We can’t all live in Ikaria or it would be ridiculously crowded and collapse into the sea!FFPOFP38

It seems to me, however, that a few factors could be transplanted into our boring, meaningless everyday modern lives, (that we all live whether we admit to it or not) ……….index

eliminate stress

eat a non processed mainly vegetarian diet, with lots of garlic and olive oil,

never visit a supermarket

do not own the latest I phone

get off facebook

don’t wear a watch

don’t confuse christmas presents with love

drink a little red wine daily,

and ………….. don’t rely on others for your happiness.

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Born post war Britain 1947, educated in UK, Masters degree in Education from University of Nottingham. Worked as an Educator and Manager UK, USA, Hong Kong. Lived in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, and now in Western Australia
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