Regrets and mistakes ………

…….. are memories made.

When the moment comes for us to die, all we really have is our memories, memories created over a lifetime. A lifetime of decisions made, interactions with  people, and choices which have forged the ongoing  course of our life. Mistakes made? I guess for most people the answer would be yes, sure. Its a brave and possibly arrogant person who sincerely believes that they made no mistakes in their lifetime.mistakes

Regrets? Probably we all have some regrets. Regrets for things we never did. Regrets for things we did and shouldn’t have done, regrets for things we never got around to doing. Hopefully the scope of those regrets will be small as we look back over a lifetime, because when we near the end it really is too late to change or make amends. regretsLife really is the sum of all our choices. As I contemplate the final laps of the race that is life it is, I guess, inevitable that I look back, questioning myself. Was it a life well led? Did I do the right thing often enough? Did I lead a life which made the most of the opportunities I was blessed with? choices-jpg

It is fashionable to talk about “bucket lists”, things to do before we die. I find all that kind of talk rather trivialises the nature of life, as if life can be  made successful by making sure that we have seen the Taj Mahal, stood in awe of the Pyramids, or snorkeled the Great barrier Reef. I have done lots of these kinds of things for sure, and so my “bucket list” at this juncture in my life is small, maybe even non existent, if such a list is confined to personal experiences. If seen in the wider context, however – a context of love, a context of caring, a context of emotion, then it is full of things I really want to do before I no longer have the chance. These are personal things, personal to me. Locked away in the end in my mind, and my heart, carried around through my soul by my memories. bucket-listWe are born alone with no memories. We die alone filled with memories. If those memories make the parting bearable, then surely we have made the most of life. I hope so.

memories forever

About dallanWA

Born post war Britain 1947, educated in UK, Masters degree in Education from University of Nottingham. Worked as an Educator and Manager UK, USA, Hong Kong. Lived in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, and now in Western Australia
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